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Federation of Airline General Sales Agencies
c/o IATA, Route de l'Aeroport 33,
1215 Geneve, Switzerland

General enquiries:
t: +41 22 770 2904


The Federation of Airline General Sales Agents (FEDAGSA), Geneva, Switzerland is a not for profit trade federation.We are  absolutely dedicated to representing the interests of our airline GSSA's throughout the world. Following  more than 30 years representing our members interests and providing very popular supporting services the Federation continues to attract new members. We provide much needed help and significant practical benefits with our board representatives  now located around the globe.

Applicants who meet the criteria are welcomed into this Federation and quickly learn that despite the Federation itself being not for profit many profitable referrals and genuine business opportunities exist within Fedagsa membership. Professional services are easily accessible including initial 'free' consultations with legal counsel where necessary. Newsletters, news updates, business referrals, statistics, special contracts and even financal support can be found here at the Federation. In addition the ongoing lobbying of government and non-government organisations to protect your interests are just some of the further behind the scenes benefits.

Our Business Conferences/AGM meetings provide well qualified networking opportunities and set the priorities for each year. Discounts on IATA CASS, accreditation, manuals, conferences and other services including courses are available through your membership. Our guarantee program is constantly sought. Indeed most members have found discounts to be greater than their membership fees making Fedagsa membership essentially free. We also offer prompt and discounted access to IATA accreditation for those qualifying for this excellent joint Federation/IATA program.

We welcome your interest and invite you to apply for membership which will give you access to our full range of activities.


The Board
Federation of Airline General Sales Agents