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Federation of Airline General Sales Agencies
c/o IATA, Route de l'Aeroport 33,
1215 Geneve, Switzerland

General enquiries:
t: +41 22 770 2904


Membership Benefits

The Federation is constantly seeking to provide new and appropriate benefits to meet member's collective needs. The benefits, some of which are listed below, are aimed at supporting our memberships' interests in their business whilst promoting professionalism and standards in the industry.

Benefits that save you far far more, than the membership costs!

  • Networking and business referrals
  • New "" neutral rates window for marketing to forwarders
  • Use of neutral air waybills through Federation's Vanilla IT system
  • Guarantee scheme  replacing costly and dangerous bank guarantees
  • Accredited agent ID card program - available November 2022
  • Legal Services - aviation specialists , first half hour free
  • Generic contract templates - protect your business properly
  • Discounts - IATA manuals & courses
  • Discounts - IATA Accreditation
  • Discounts - IATA conferences - World Cargo Symposium
  • CASS membership help and discounts on fees
  • GSSA IATA Accreditation program discount and qualification help
  • Insurances all types and very competitive membership only quotes
  • Annual General Meeting - networking opportunities
  • Dispute resolution service - Arbitration often better and  always cheaper than litigation
  • Data - market intelligence - new program ready end 2022
  • Tenders - help and advice on bidding for business
  • Industry wide 'lobbying' programs -  genuine defending of your interests
  • European Air Cargo Program representation
  • Business sale , purchase, restructuring and financing .

The Federation is also available to provide confidential help and advice wherever we can. The chances are another member has encountered whatever your difficulty may be. We could well know the answer and be able to help you!

Joining the Federation

Joining the Federation enables our members to increase the scope and depth of their contacts as well as gain further market exposure. Being able to share insights with fellow members enables you to interact with industry top professionals. The Federation is a powerful support to any small or large business as our aim is to  always represent your interests and further your business development needs.

You can become a member by completing our online form here (this opens in a new window).

Fees - bank transfer or credit card (visa/ mastercard only). US $ equivalent accepted.

Full Membership: Annual fee of  Euro 1100 + one-off admin fee of  Euro 300