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Federation of Airline General Sales Agencies
c/o IATA, Route de l'Aeroport 33,
1215 Geneve, Switzerland

General enquiries:
t: +41 22 770 2904

Products & Services

Bond & Guarantees
The Federation is able to access for  its members  commercial bonds & guarantees that are approved 'A' rated by Fitch internationally. The reinsurance market provides the financial strength, which has been secured by our  Lloyds of London partners . These arrangements have been put in place to allow members freedom from onerous bank conditions and to meet the modern airlines guarantee requirements.

To find out more and or for a confidential discussion, please contact the General Secretary on JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

Bid Tender Opportunities

The federation recognises the importance of helping our members grow their business. The last few years have been fraught with economic difficulties across many business sectors. Our aim is to support our members by providing you with access to up and coming airline tenders.


Essential to know the size of your market and where freight is going. Members can purchase annual  discounted access to market data with online log in for country and city pair data presented both graphically and tabulated. Cost currently circa €2600 per country.  An advanced package being developed will indicate the actual forwarder shipping and soon a federation based IT  program will  display  effective sales lead data. Members only of course.

Sale / Acquisition of businesses

Expanding your reach, planning a divesment or simply looking at retirement options we have helped many to achieve their goals.  This is always a sensitive and confidential matter so contact general.secretary for more information

New for 2023 this  web based "window" is an utterly neutral platform for GSSA's to all show their service offerings and receive bookings from forwarders. Built with the support of the global forwarders association.

Neutral Air Waybills

We make available through our own Vanilla IT system neutral air waybills for members approved us. Certain lanes are also being established on a federation basis and available to all. Air waybills are suitable for interline arrangements and insured to Montreal Convention limits as required. Apply to general.secretary if interested.